Browser Dimensions

This is a small utility to view the actual dimensions that a browser reports, specifically the media queries that will work on it.

I use it when I have to see exactly how a given browser will respond to media queries. I haven't found a simple tool that does this, so I made one, hacked it up some, and now here it is.

Can't remember what media queries will match your iPhone? Want to make sure that your site renders perfectly on your client's Chromebook? Targeting about eight browsers and want to find exactly where to draw the line between "desktop" and "mobile"? It works well, and it gives answers nearly instantaneously. It should also fit on a single screen for most device/browser combinations, so a single screenshot should give a client/user/boss an easy method for sending you their own dimensions.

There's a little more information in our blog entry about it.

Pete Elmore, Reverso Labs, 2016

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